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944 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

attic treasures - Mid Century Modern

Vintage, Danish, Mid Century Modern Furniture - Vancouver

Mid Century Modern Lighting

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Brass Tripod, Mid Century Modern style lamps || $899 pair || H 48” L167

Vintage Lotte Bostlund lamps, Mid Century Modern || $349 and up L166

Vintage pair of Lotte Bostlund lamps, $599 pair, Height 17” L165

Vintage Teak Floor Lamp w/new custom lamp shade, Mid Century Modern,

$799, Height 5 ft L164

Modern Large Capience Ceiling Fixture, $699, Diameter 30 inches L163

Vintage Ceiling Fixtures in this week, Mid Century Modern, $149 and up Your ceiling fixture is the crowning feature that lights up your home - make it unique! Image: L162

Vintage Ceiling Fxtures, Mid Century Modern, From $299 Guide some extra light into your decor and you will find that everything becomes brighter and your home shines with new energy! Image: L161

Vintage Floor Lamps, Mid Century Modern, $299 and up You will be surprised by how much more you enjoy reading with the benefit of some extra light from a pole lamp over your shoulder. That big pile of books will no longer be a challenge! Image: L160

Vintage Atomic Radio Lamp, working radio and lamp, $799, total height 25” Treat yourself to something beautifully unique and enjoy a skip in your step each time you see it! Image: L155

Chrome Sputnik Ceiling Fixtures, Mid Century Modern, All new wiring, $349 each,

Diameter 24 inches approximately. Complement the warm tones of your mid century modern teak furniture decor with these cool silver ceiling lights! Image: L129