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944 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

attic treasures - Mid Century Modern

Vintage, Danish, Mid Century Modern Furniture - Vancouver

Mid Century Modern Furniture

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Vintage Rosewood sideboard by Koford Larsen for Fasrup Mobefabrik, Mid Century Modern || $3900 || L 90.5” D 19.5” H 30” || Image: 3878

Large vintage Gainey speckled planter pot, Mid Century Modern || $499 || 16.5” diameter x 12.5” || Image: 3877

Vintage Teak magazine holder by Oscar Grann’s, Mid Century Modern || $175 || L 22” D 14” || Image: 3876

Vintage Oak Scandinavian lounge chair, Mid Century Modern. Incredibly comfortable perfect for reading || $699 || L 25” D 25” H 30” || Image: 3875

Vintage Danish Teak wardrobe/dresser, Mid Century Modern || $1499 || L 48” D 19” H 47” || Image: 3874

Vintage Teak sideboard by Oscar Grann, Mid Century Modern || With Bar $1499 || L 71” D 16” H 57” || Image: 3873

Vintage Teak table with two leaves and or 4 or 8 chairs, Mid Century Modern || Table $999 || L 5’ leaves 28” each D 40” || Image: 3872

Vintage Rosewood two piece cabinet with bar/desk Mid Century Modern || $399 || L 35” D 17” H 71” || Image: 3871

Vintage Collection of adjustable stools, Mid Century Modern || $99 each || Image: 3870

Vintage Wool rug made in Pakistan, Mid Century Modern || $599 || 8.2’ x 5.1” || Image: 3869

Vintage Walnut and Brass 9 drawer dresser, Mid Century Modern || $599 || L 59”, D 17.5”, H 32” || Image: 3868

Vintage Leather swivel lounge chair by Westnova, Mid Century Modern || $599 || L 31”, D 31”, H 34” || Image: 3867

Vintage teak and tile table and or chairs mid century modern || Table $995 L 55” leaves 13” each D30” || Chairs $499 set of 4 || Image: 3866

Vintage Leather Canadian lounge chair and footstool, Mid Century Modern || $399 || L 29”, D 29”, H 41” || Image: 3865

Vintage Teak wall unit by Cado, Royal System model, Mid Century Modern || $1900 || L 64” D 22” Desk or 12” without H 79” … totally adjustable! || Image: 3864

Vintage Walnut dresser, Mid Century Modern || $599 || L 32” D 18” H 41” || Image: 3862

Vintage Teak 9 drawer dresser, Mid Century Modern || $899 || L 6’ D 18” H 27.5” || Image: 3861

Vintage Teak table and/or 4 Teak chairs, Mid Century Modern || Table $985 Diameter 44” || Chairs $799 set of 4 || Image: 3860

Vintage West German dish set called Ceramano mid century modern || $299 set Image: 3859

Vintage African Teak bench, Mid Century Modern || $599 || L 8’, D 25”, H 13" Image: 3857

Vintage teak dresser mid century modern || $349 || L 23.5”, D 16”, H 28” Image: 3854

Vintage Hide A Bed Sofa, Mid Century Modern || $699L || L 70”, D 33”, H 31” Image: 3852

Vintage Teak Queen size bed with floating night tables, Mid Century Modern || $1499 || Length of headboard 110” Image: 3849

Vintage Walnut desk, Mid-Century Modern || $599 || L 42”, D 18” Image: 3846

Vintage Teak Sideboard, Mid Century Modern || $999 || L 60”, D 16”, H 26.5” Image: 3845

Vintage teak bedside table, Mid Century Modern || $399 pair || L 21”, D 12”, H 19.5” Image: 3844

Vintage Franciscan starburst dishes mid century modern || Sold by the piece $19 and up Image: 3841

Vintage Vornado floor fan Mid Century Modern || $799 || Height 5’, Width 24” Image: 3835

Vintage Eames Original 60's super scarce colour lounge base, $975 Image: 3829

Danish Vintage Rosewood Table with two leaves, Mid Century Modern, For Spottrup || $1599 || Diameter 47.5”, Leaves 19.5” each (table is shown with one leaf) || $600 Two arm chairs || $999 Four regular chairs || Image: 3824

Vintage Scandinavian executive Teak desk, Mid Century Modern || $2000 || L 63”, D 33” H 29.5” Image: 3822

Modern Large Capience Ceiling Fixture, $699, Diameter 30 inches Image: 3810

Vintage Pay Push Button Phone, Mid Century Modern, $399 Image: 3798

Vintage Lipstick Mirror, Mid Century Modern, Designer Roger Lecal, $799, H 65”, D10” Are you feeling like the energy in your décor is a little ordinary? Spice things up with a unique piece like this lipstick mirror and feel the energy shift! Image: 3796

Vintage Dishes, Mid Century Modern, top in yellow called Swiss Dots by Hycroft $299 set, Wild Oats by midwinter $499 set, Iittala sold by the piece $15 each and up. Fill your cupboards up with mid century modern beauty and get a thrill each you open them up. Image: 37

Vintage Teak Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $985, L7’, D18”, H27” If you have an unruly wardrobe that collects in corners and closet floors, it may be that you are not providing it with enough storage space. Wouldn't it be amazing to open a drawer and find everything nicely folded and easy to see! Image: 3768

Teak Headboard Full/Double, Mid Century Modern, Punch Design, $499, L 57”, H 33.5” That finishing touch so important to complete your mid century modern bedroom renovation! Image: 3766

Vintage Glass Ware, Handmade Pottery, Iittala, Head Vases, German Pottery, and a Palm Tree Vase Collection etc. A little something special for each of the mothers and others that nurtured you along your way! Image: 3765

Vintage Ceiling Fxtures, Mid Century Modern, From $299 Guide some extra light into your decor and you will find that everything becomes brighter and your home shines with new energy! Image: 3754

Vintage Queen Size Bed with Floating Night Tables, Mid Century Modern, $849, Length of headboard 112”. Transform your bedroom decor with this addition and enjoy the elegance and convenience it brings you. Add a pair of mid century modern table lamps, good books and steaming hot cups of cocoa for your new bedtime routine! Image: 3738

Vintage Teak Corner Unit, Mid Century Modern, two piece, lights in the top, shelf in bottom unit and all are adjustable, $469, L 31”, D 26”, H 71” A rare treasure that will take an empty corner and turn it into a celebration of your collection! Image: 3712

Vintage Turin Design Tor Viking, Made in Norway, $15 each and up A beautiful gift for a special day in the life of someone you love! Image: 3708

Mid Century Modern Tiger Wood Side Tables with Drawer and Shelf, Vintage, $699 pair, L 18”, D 30”, H 24” A drawer for things you like to keep handy and out of sight, a top shelf to show off your mid century modern table lamps and a place to tuck your books with plenty of room left for your tray of tea and cookies. You'll wonder how you ever got along without these beautiful end tables! Image: 3701

Vintage Rosewood Plant Stand, $249, L24”, D14”, H13” Invite the cheery beauty of spring blooms into your home and continue to celebrate the seasons as you transition through the flowers and plants available throughout the year. Image: 3691

Vintage Wool Rug, Mid Century Modern, $499, 51” by 80” Create a special corner in your home with the welcoming colours and rhythms of this beautiful rug. Image: 3690

Vintage Teak Two Piece Cupboard, Mid Century Modern, $649, L pap 48”, D pap 18”. A quality cupboard that will transform an empty wall into a showcase of your treasures, whatever they are! Celebrate the beauty that you have collected and enjoy it every day! Image: 3689

Vintage Turi Design Market Dishes, Mid Century Modern, Sold by the piece, $12 and up. If your china collection is complete, perhaps you might entertain the idea of getting someone you love started with a piece or two, or prepare for the coming year of birthday and special occasions with a truly thoughtful gift! Image: 3646

Three Drawer Dressers Mid Century Modern, Bauhaus Canada, Black with brass pulls, $399, L20”, D20”, H28” Invite a dramatic energy into your decor, especially at night with the light from a mid century modern lamp reflecting onto it's surface! Image: 3621

Vintage Teak Three Drawer Dresser, Mid Century Modern, $299, L26”, D19”, H29” If you are finding that working from home has taken over all the available surfaces in your home with laptops, printers, paper, office supplies etc., why not create a place for everything to get tucked away, so that when your work day is over you can truly leave it behind. Image: 3619

Vintage Pyrex Fire King etc. Enjoy spoiling a friend this holiday season, with some beautiful colours for their cupboard or counter! Fill up a tea pot with fragrant teas for a gift, or a casserole dish with exotic spices or a coffee carafe with a special blend of beans! Image: 3618

Vintage Dexter Walnut Finish Cabinets/Wall Unit, $299, 30”, D 16”, H 5’. Only one unit left! Are there some unruly corners taking over your home, crafts in your bedroom, or travel mementoes tucked away in storage? Why not celebrate your interests and collections by putting them on display so you can enjoy them daily! Image: 3606

Thank you Vancouver for voting Attic Treasures the #1 Consignment Furniture Store. You are our "Best of Vancouver" customers and we appreciate you so much. With thanks from the Attic Treasures family to yours.

Vintage Iittala Glass, Mid Century Modern, sold by the piece. Invite some mid century modern sparkle into your home this holiday season and make each tradition just a little more special! Tuck one or two into gift bags to remind a friend or neighbour that they are missed! Image: 3562

Vintage Head Vases, Mid Century Modern, $45 and up The perfect size to fit in the toe of a stocking, or the mid century modern gift for that person on your list who has everything, or the extra little something wrapped and tucked away for an unexpected visitor. You can be sure this gift will delight the recipient! Image: 3159

Pair of Walnut Tables with Shelves, by Lane, Mid Century Modern, $499, L 24”, W24”, H 21” Add to the functionality and beauty of your mid century modern decor with rich walnut wood grain and the practical addition of a second shelf. Image: 3019

Diameter 24 inches approximately. Complement the warm tones of your mid century modern teak furniture decor with these cool silver ceiling lights! Image: 2958

Teak Chair by Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard Nielsen, By Portex, Mid Century Modern

Fun Vintage Glasses, Mid Century Modern, $20 a set and up Image: 2816 A set of vintage glasses for a host/hostess gift, holiday gift or just a chance to spoil yourself with some mid century modern fun!

Did you know that Attic Treasures buys mid century modern furniture? Yes, all our furniture is locally purchased, from people just like you, that are downsizing or redecorating! Just send Lillian a photo of your item and she will let you know if Attic Treasures is the right place to find your treasure a new home! [email protected]